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November, 2020 Newsletter
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 Membership Annual Banquet. Due to Covid-19 issues and the requirement to hold one membership meeting annually, the January 9, 2021 Board of Directors meeting will be held at 3:00 P.M. in the Horicon Fire Station at no cost to the club. Following the board meeting members are welcome to stop in at 5:30 P.M. and pick up their trophies or awards, those wishing to socialize may order pizza for delivery. A motion by Carl Matuszeski and seconded by Dick Dallesasse to reserve the room and inform the membership.  Motion passed. Member Renewal Form. A check box to note ‘no changes’, removed the line asking for type of employment and added a line requesting the breed of dog they would be training (to ensure Retriever breeds are the only breed allowed on club grounds). A motion was made by Stu Henderson and seconded by Jim Powers to accept changes. Motion passed. Life Membership. A request for Life Membership was received from Jeff Schilz. Motion by Dick Dallesasse and seconded by Carl Matuszeski to grant Life Membership to Jeff. Motion passed. Nominating Committee 2021. The committee’s selection for 2021 board members are incumbents Jim Powers, Nancy Bauer, Bill Akin, Dick Dallesasse, and new members Scott Eubank, Susan Bledsoe, Tyler Lampert, John Lemke, Tom McLeod and Jeff Neumann. Motion by Jim Powers and seconded by Stu Henderson to accept the selections. Motion passed. (Note to membership-after the meeting, Bill Akin decided to remove his name from nomination and step down as Treasurer. The nominating committee reached out to Sionag Black, who has agreed to place her hat in the ring.) Sportsman Award. This presentation has been inactive since 2008 but identified in Policy and Procedures as an annual requirement. The secretary suggested the board consider Paul Lampert for the year 2020 due to his many years of service in the capacity of Treasurer. Jim Powers made a motion seconded by Dave Juedes to select Paul for this award. Motion passed. Financial Treasurer’s Report: Bill Akin provided the following report. The mortgage balance is $91,114.17 and the checking account Balance is $25,550.77; the Hunt Test checking account balance is $12,292.85 and the Field Trial balance is $1,500 which results in a cash position of $39,343.62. Action to reduce the H.T. account to $1,500 must be taken. A motion was made by Carl Matuszeski and seconded by Jeff Schilz to accept the report. Motion passed. The secretary reported having received $50 from Jessie Diekman and $100 from Jeff Recknagel for guest memberships. Committee Reports Grounds Improvement Committee: Chairperson Dave Juedes will present to the board a downsized plan for 2021 at the January board meeting at which time the board can decide if allocating funds will be prudent. Grounds Maintenance Committee: Carl Matuszeski reported the grass at the Cedar Road grounds were cut at no cost by Jeff Becker. The winger repair parts on order have been received. Work on the middle road at the Clubhouse grounds will be completed when gravel is brought in next spring to complete the project. (Again, a note added to the membership: please do not drive on that road as it needs to settle for the winter and have gravel added in the spring in order for it to be “truck worthy”!) Pond Management Committee. Chairperson Nancy Bauer provided a quick overview of the second sample collection taken after the fall field trial. Action plan for 2021 will be provided at the January meeting. Events Fall Hunting Test. The event brought in $24,522 with expenses totaling $15,866.20 rsulting in a net profit of $8,655.80. Motion made by Carl Matuszeski and seconded by Dick Dallesasse to accept the report. Motion passed. Fall Field Trial. Chairperson Dick Dallesasse reported a total income of $12,547.96 with expenses of $7,786.70 resulting in a net profit of $4,761.26. Ozaukee Field Trial. The trial did not do well financially as they were only able to break into the black due to a generous donation from a contestant. A check will be sent to the club treasurer for rental of our grounds. The Covid-19 concerns resulted in many scratched entries. Sanctioned Trial 2021. Stu Henderson proposed this event to fill the gap resulting from the cancelled Manitowoc Sanctioned trial. He proposed a date of Saturday, April 17, 2021 using dead ducks to reduce costs and charging entry fees between $15-$25, local judges and volunteer workers. A motion was made by Stu Henderson seconded by Dave Juedes to hold the sanctioned test but with volunteers who will not be rewarded with club sponsored work day credit. Motion passed. Club Website. The secretary contacted Rich Barnett for an update. Rich stated that he would not have time for assembling traffic statistics, but has renewed his efforts to create an online work hours program for members to review their credited work hours. Policy and Procedures Nancy reported that she and Jim Powers had edited the document and highlighted changes in yellow so board members may review later. A new policy addressing members performing unauthorized work on club grounds has been added. Review and action by the board will occur during the April 2021 board meeting. Announcements and Correspondence The secretary read a ‘thank you letter’ from the Bird Dog Foundation regarding the donation to their cause for which WAFTC sends them $.50 per dog entered. Nancy also informed the board of the receipt of two popper guns donated by Jeff and Lee Hinze.  A note has been sent expressing our appreciation of this generous gift. Membership Renewal Packet. Please note the following DUE DATES. Trophy and achievement award information, to be sent to Dick Reesman by Dec 3rd Board of Directors Ballot (due to Nancy Bauer by December 31st 2021 Membership renewal with payment due to Nancy Bauer by January 1, 2021 (Although there is a Grace period of 30 days, your vote can only be counted if ‘yourBill is paid in full.)
Spring Licensed Field Trial Tom McLeod (262) 673-4869 Dick Dallesasse (920) 387-1180 Fall Licensed Field Trial Not assigned Spring Licensed Hunt Test Stu Henderson (920) 948-4323 Summer Licensed Hunt Test No Assigned Hunting Test Secretary Sue Dorscheid (920) 246-3075
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