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February, 2020 Newsletter
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 Membership Membership Report: The secretary reported that he had mailed out 112 renewal notices and 82 responded (about 73% as compared to last year of 72%). Four people indicated that they will not be renewing for 2020. Jim stated that he had received $6,725 in dues renewals and $3,425 in assessments to date with more scheduled to be received. Jim distributed a sheet of members who have not responded as yet and who have assessments. 2020 Board Members: The opening and tabulating of the sealed ballots was entrusted to Judy Powers and her assistant Karen Schilz. The secretary announced the results of the election. Elected board members to serve three-year terms are incumbents Dave Juedes and Jeff Schilz and new board members Stu Henderson, Jim Horneck and Jack Sobzak. Election of Officers: For Secretary: Jim Powers nominated Nancy Bauer for the office and it was seconded by Paul Lampert. Nancy accepted. Motion passed. For Treasurer: Nancy Bauer nominated Paul Lampert for the office. It was seconded by Carl Matuszeski. Paul accepted with conditions. Motion passed. For Vice President: Dick Dallesasse nominated John Pena and seconded by Michelle Chalupka. John accepted. Motion passed. For President: Michelle Chalupka nominated Mark Tesch and motion was seconded by Dick Dallesasse. Mark accepted. Motion passed. 2020 Work Dates: Club work dates will be February 15 and August 22. 2020 Board Meeting Dates: Meeting days are changed to Tuesdays for 2020. The following meeting dates were set. April 14, May 5, July 7, August 11, November 11 and January 9, 2021 (board meeting and annual membership meeting). Life Membership Request: The secretary stated that he had received a letter from Mowry Smith III requesting life membership. Mowry’s membership status was the last of the non- working memberships.  He has met the requirements for life membership status. Motion made by Paul Lampert and seconded by Dave Juedes to extend life membership to Mowry Smith III. Motion passed. . Financial Treasurer’s Report: Paul Lampert sent copies of the report to board members via email and had copies available at the meeting. The report covered activity from January 1 through December 31, 2019. There was a balance of $28,290.25 in the general checking account; $1,689.37 in the hunt test account; $1,500 in the field trial account for a grand total of $31,479.62. All bills have been paid. The mortgage has a balance of $98,315.30. Paul also reported that the Ulmers are still not ready to sell property that we are interested in. Motion made by Michelle Chalupka and seconded by Rich Barnett to accept the report.  Motion passed. Budget Proposal for 2020: Paul distributed copies of the 2020 budget which showed potential revenue of $45,025 and $43,117 in projected expenses. The difference of $1,908 will go into cash reserves to balance the budget. Paul also stated the tax information has been given to our accountant for preparation of our 2019 taxes. Motion made by Dana Williams and seconded by Nan Hegerty to approve the 2020 budget as presented by Paul Lampert. Motion passed. Duck Purchases for 2020: Jim Powers reported that he contacted Royal Boehlke and Royal will again be able to meet our requests to supply ducks for our four events in 2020. The price will be $11.75 or $12.00 per duck with a $30 delivery charge per event. Committee Reports Grounds Improvement Committee: Chairperson Dave Juedes brought the board up to date on current projects. The board was provided with a handout describing the status of three projects. Total cost of the three projects amounted to $15,453.00. Grounds Maintenance Committee: Carl Matuszeski outlined the maintenance items that needed attention: repair the culvert that washed out, repair holes in driveway on clubhouse property and replace culvert/repair road on the Ev Hosea grounds. There was an additional cost of $1,000 for skirts to be attached to ends of the culvert. Nancy Bauer stated that we received a $56 fine for an incomplete permit. Carl reported that the trapper had taken out 10 muskrats so far. He also reported that the new combination for all locks on the property will be 1950 and will go into effect February 15th. Weed Control: Nancy Bauer said she had received a contract offer from Marine Biochemists to treat our ponds in 2020. She added that there was a $454 service charge per visit, if both properties were treated on the same date only one service charge would be applied. Discussion on the 20% fee for cancellation. Motion made by Mark Tesch and seconded by Paul Lampert to have Nancy sign the contract to have the spraying done in 2020 with the exception for cancellation fee. Motion passed. Grass Cutting: Discussion centered around contracting hay cutting or doing our hay on his terms.  Motion made by Nancy Bauer and seconded by Dick Dallesasse to have Carl put together some numbers and bring to out next board meeting on doing or own cutting. Motion passed. Website: Rich Barnett gave a status report on our website. He listed the top 5 visited pages: 1) Forms page, 2) Newsletter, 3) Contacts, 4) Calendar and 5) Grounds. Most of the monthly traffic occurred in March, June and July. There were approximately 6,000 total visits in 2019 to the website. Events Spring Field Trial Report: Dates are May 8 – 10 for the trial. Judges are needed. Dick Dallesasse and Tom McLeod volunteered to co-chair the event. Kurt Halgren will judge the fall trial. Spring Hunting Test: Dates are May 23, 24 and 25 for the hunt test and owner-handler qualifying.  Stu Henderson is interested in serving as the event chairperson. Sue Dorscheid will serve as secretary. Horicon Marsh Hunting Retriever Club Event: Mark Tesch received a request from that club to again use our grounds for its June event. Set-up day would be June 19 with testing to be held on the 20th and 21st. Financial arrangements would be similar to events held in the past except they are looking for a reduction in rent although no figure was proposed. The club stated that it has not made any profits on its events. The WAFTC board stated that HMHRC should come back with a proposal at the April board meeting. Ozaukee Retriever Club Request: Michelle Chalupka, secretary of the Ozaukee RC presented a written request to again lease WAFTC grounds for October 7, 8, 9 and 10 for their field trial event.  She thanked the club for the use of the Ev Hosea grounds in the past. The terms of the offer to lease would be similar to last years to include: $500 for use of grounds, plus $6 per running dog and proof of insurance. Motion was made by Mark Tesh and seconded by Nancy Bauer to approve the lease request from the Ozaukee Retriever Club. Motion passed. Announcement and Correspondence The secretary acknowledged the passing of George Hegerty and the boards sympathies to Nan. Jim read a thank you note from Nan addressed to the board.
Spring Licensed Field Trial Tom McLeod (262) 673-4869 Dick Dallesasse (920) 387-1180 Fall Licensed Field Trial Not assigned Spring Licensed Hunt Test Stu Henderson (920) 948-4323 Summer Licensed Hunt Test No Assigned Hunting Test Secretary Sue Dorscheid (920) 246-3075
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