2018 Event
Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club
WAFTC Youth Handler Hunt Test by Nancy Bauer
On September 22nd we held our first (we hope of many) Junior Handler Fun test on the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial grounds.  The weather was perfect, the club members that stepped up to help were awesome, the dogs did a great job and the kids had a great morning of fun.. We are hoping to make this event an annual one, with the idea of promoting our sport with our youth so as to keep it viable in the future.  As is the case with any new endeavor, there are growing pains and obstacles to overcome.  Our toughest problem in our first year was merely getting out the word!  Again, thanks to the help of club members, who helped to spread the word and even brought their own neighbors and relatives, we were able to bring in ten kids for our first year.  With the knowledge learned from that, we are asking all of you to talk this up!  If we can double our turnout in 2019, I would be thrilled.   I don’t have specifics for this year as yet, but please watch the website for updates. I would like to send sincere thanks to the many great people that stepped up for me this year. If I’ve missed anyone, I apologize.   Paul Lampert worked the test as our “Judge”, not only helping the kids to learn, but also instilling confidence in them as handlers.  Connie Milner was the queen of the kitchen, all participants left with a full stomach and a smile on their faces.   Tom Mcleod, Carol Huele, Chip Milner, Kine Torinus, were there to help with the kids and dogs at the line.   My husband, Jim Bauer and my son, DJ Bauer set up the two series, ran the wingers, planted the blinds, and then cleaned up when we were done.   My dear friend Curtis, served as the chief photographer.   
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